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Little girls fashion

Little girls fashion

Little girls fashion

Little girls fashion

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Jennifer Lopez

She may have left her nearly naked Zuhair Murad gown at the Golden Globes, but the plunging black number with a feathered train (from the same designer) brought just as much drama to the after-party.

Odette  Annable

What could make this gorgeous purple one-shoulder Rachel Roy gown with a neon stripe even better? A pair of shoes in the exact same shade of yellow took Odette’s look from pretty topow!

Miranda Kerr

The supermodel has a distinct home court advantage when it comes to posing in barely there attire. No wonder she looked so divine.

Camilla Belle

Looking like a pretty princess in her floaty polka-dot gown (finished with a Jimmy Choo clutch and delicate Van Cleef & Arpels diamonds), the actress attended L.A.’s Art of Elysium gala a day before the Globes.

Selena Gomez

Her breakover style streak continued at the Golden Globes after-party in this gilded strapless mini with sculptural hips and some sexy mermaid-looking hair.

Ashley Madekwe

The Revenge star proved her sartorial skills extend well beyond chic street style when she arrived at the Art of Elysium gala in L.A. wearing an allover palette-embellished Naeem Khan gown with a sexy open back.

Nikki Reed

We were hoping whatever starlet got to wear this hot pink Jenni Kayne stunner would do it justice – and with her super-shiny hair, pitch-perfect makeup and Swarovski clutch, we have to give Nikki credit for nailing it at the Globes after-party.

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1. Accessorize in Brights

If you’ve got a closet full of neutrals – they are be navy, black, camel, or gray – add shoes and bags boldly with hued energy. Feeling really brave? Wear a neutral base with shoes and a bag in two different complementary colors.

2. Hem Your Pants for the Shoe Height

“The biggest mistake women usually make is wearing pants that aren’t the right length for their shoes,” says stylist Kate Young. Generally, hems should just graze the tops of your shoes and be from 1/2 inch to 3/4 inch off the floor.

3. When in Hesitation, Wear Nude Pumps

Matched to your skin tone, they’re a pretty safe bet. (And they make legs look longer.)

4.Embrace Your Shape

“Once you know which silhouettes flatter you, filter trends ruthlessly,” says designer Shoshanna Gruss. For instance, if you’re petite and shapely, it’s best to avoid tall columns and maxis even if you love them. Go for a dress with a defined waist and just-above-the-knee hem.

5.Embrace Your Shape

“Once you know which silhouettes flatter you, filter trends ruthlessly,” says designer Shoshanna Gruss. For instance, if you’re petite and shapely, it’s best to avoid tall columns and maxis even if you love them. Go for a dress with a defined waist and just-above-the-knee hem.

6. Round Up White Button-Downs

They elevate jeans. But all that mileage comes at a cost: a short shelf life. So buy three, don’t over bleach (which can cause yellowing), and refresh regularly.

7.Show Skin Strategically

Looking truly sexy involves knowing what to bare—and what to keep under wraps. Otherwise, where’s the mystery? “Choose one—only one—body part and show it off,” advises Jen Rade, stylist to Jenna Fischer and Angelina Jolie. “If it’s cleavage, don’t show your legs. If it’s your legs, stay covered on top.”

8.Open Your Mind

Always take one “it’s cute but so not me” thing into the fitting room. You never know!

9. Edit Your Closet

Clothes need breathing room! You should be able to see every item without rummaging. Consider donating anything you haven’t worn in the past year.

10. Always Check Out the Rear View

And don’t leave the house until you like what you see. Every angle matters. Trust us.

11. Make a List Before You Shop

Not of what you want to buy, but of the 10 favorite items in your closet. This will help you zero in on pieces that mesh with what you own (or remind you that you never actually wear big floral prints).

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Guide: Winter has arrived and it’s time to make space for coats in your wardrobe. Although keeping yourself warm and comfortable should be the priority this season, it’s also a great time to express your style.  and how to keep yourself warm also fashionable in cold, now you maybe interested to have a look at the biggest trends in coats this winter; get geared up for the season with our top picks and find the ideal topper for your favorite winter pieces.

Boyfriend Coat: Big and Beautiful

First the boyfriend jeans, then the boyfriend blazer, and now the boyfriend coat–nonchalant and slightly too wide, as if you had stolen it out of your boyfriend’s closet.

The boyfriend coat is made of thick wool in a sober tone. The straight cut and extra large buttons fit perfectly with the masculine trend this fall. Because the shoulders are loose, the jacket looks a bit too broad, but that is exactly the way it should be.

* How to wear the look: Tough girls can combine this new coat with skinny jeans and a pair of biker boots or sneakers. On a night out you can wear the boyfriend coat with a mini dress and stilettos. For a feminine look, you can also combine it with a small waist belt.

Quilted Jacket: Puff and Stuff

Not a fan of the parka? Don’t worry, there’s another jacket that’s set to make a big comeback this season.

That’s right, the much-maligned quilted jacket has returned. An extension of the trend for padded jackets started by “country chic”, the puffer has a serious advantage over other fashion jackets–it will actually keep you warm. A must for your wardrobe as we move into winter.

* How to wear the look: Wear it as a tougher look and combine the jacket with jeans and biker boots, or wear it slightly more “girlish” and combine with a dress.

Military Coat: Super Troopers

Every fall without fail we see the resurfacing of the much-loved military trend. Why do we love it so much?

Because it always comes up trumps for reinvention, durability and styling edge. These coats will give any look a polished and put-together vibe.Needless to say, it’s enough to tempt any girl away from her summer wardrobe to a deeper color palette. This season it’s all about giving statement-making masculine garments an injection of pretty, feminine detail.

* How to wear the look: You can go for a beautiful parka that accentuates your waist, or you can choose the oversized edition. The green fabric in combination with leather sleeves is a great match.

Want to complete this look? Combine your military coat with biker boots.

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I’m Jessi, and this is my suitcase. But before I show you what I’ve got inside, I’m going to make a very public confession, and that is, I’m outfit obsessed. I love finding, wearing, and more recently, photographing and blogging a different colorful, crazy outfit for every single occasion. But I don’t buy anything new. I get all my clothes secondhand from flea markets and thrift stores.

Secondhand shopping allows me to reduce the impact my wardrobe has on the environment and on my wallet. I get to meet all kinds of great people; my dollars usually go to a good cause; I look pretty unique; and it makes shopping like my own personal treasure hunt. I mean, what am I gonna find today? Is it gonna be my size? Will I like the color? Will it be under $20? If all the answers are yes, I feel as though I’ve won.

I wanna get back to my suitcase and tell you what I packed for this exciting week. I brought seven pairs of underpants and that’s it. I was betting that I’d be able to find everything else I could possibly want to wear once I got here to Palm Springs. And I’d really love to show you my week’s worth of outfits right now. Does that sound good? So as I do this, I’m also gonna tell you a few of the life lessons that, believe it or not, I have picked up in these adventures wearing nothing new.

So let’s start with Sunday: You do not have to spend a lot of money to look great. This whole outfit, including the jacket, cost me 55, and it was the most expensive thing that I wore the entire week.

Monday: Color is powerful. It is almost physiologically impossible to be in a bad mood when you’re wearing bright red pants. If you are happy, you are going to attract other happy people to you.

Tuesday: Fitting-in is way overrated. Just be who you are. If you are surrounding yourself with the right people, they will not only get it, they will appreciate it.

Wednesday: Embrace your inner child. Sometimes people tell me that I look like I’m playing dress-up, or that I remind them of their seven-year-old. I like to smile and say, “Thank you.”

Thursday: Confidence is key. If you believe you’re a beautiful person inside and out, there is no look that you can’t pull off. So there is no excuse for any of us here in this audience. We should be able to rock anything we wanna rock.

Friday: A universal truth – five words for you: Gold sequins go with everything.

And finally, Saturday: Developing your own unique personal style is a really great way to tell the world something about you without having to say a word. It’s been proven to me time and time again as people have walked up to me simply because of what I’m wearing. And we’ve had great conversations.

So obviously this is not all gonna fit back in my tiny suitcase. So before I go home, I’m going to donate everything back. Because the lesson I’m trying to learn myself is that it’s OK to let go. I don’t need to get emotionally attached to these things, because around the corner, there is always gonna be another crazy, colorful, shiny outfit just waiting for me, if I put a little love in my heart and look.

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Think your office dress code is stiff, boring, and corporate? The truth is, you can still let your individuality shine when a business suit is your daily uniform. With these celebrity-inspired tips and tricks, you can express your personality and make your basics pop while still looking professional on the job.

Go Monochrome

Blue on blue on blue? Wearing a navy blazer and pants with lighter blue heels, like Petra Nemcova, is a fun way to mix up a traditional style.

Carry a Clutch
Adding a neon clutch like Giuliana Rancic’s is the perfect way to transition from the office to happy hour.
Be Sporty

Add sporty touches to professional attire with a tank top over satin stripe trousers like Kate Moss.

Wear White

Wearing a white blazer over an all-black ensemble, like Heidi Klum on the red carpet, works for Summer days too.

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Once upon a time, fashion was glamorous models and movie stars wearing haute couture on glossy magazine covers. People saved their salaries and shopped once or twice a year for high-quality clothes that could last for many seasons.

Nowadays, fashion is fast-changing and cheap thanks to retail brands such as H&M, Zara and Topshop. Fashion has become ever more accessible. But is it a good thing?

US writer Elizabeth Cline doesn’t think so, although she used to be the owner of a wardrobe solely made up of cheap chic.

In her recent book Overdressed: The Shockingly High Cost of Cheap Fashion, she writes: “I paid less than $30 (191 yuan) per item for each piece of clothing in my closet. Most of my shoes cost less than $15.” together she has 354 pieces of clothing, accumulated in less than five years.

Americans buy an average of 64 items of clothing every year, that makes Cline just an average consumer.

Then one day came the epiphany. In a supermarket sale, Cline ended up buying seven pairs of identical canvas flats marked down from $15 to $7.

When the shopping frenzy receded, it occurred to Cline that there was something wrong and deeply disturbing about acquiring so much cheap clothing. It didn’t bring her satisfaction. She soon got tired of the shoes and the style changed. The same went for a lot of her other clothes.

The average price of clothing has dropped in recent decades. Cheap clothing is branded in such a way that it is no longer associated with lack of style.

Budget fashion exemplified by the “street fashion” photos is seen as chic, practical and accessible to all. However, Cline argues that the demand for ever cheaper clothing has created mountains of waste.

Americans are buying and hoarding roughly 20 billion items of clothing per year as a nation, Cline points out.

“Buying so much clothing, and treating it as if it is disposable, is putting a huge toll on the environment and is simply unsustainable,” she writes.

What’s more, cheap clothing destroys our relationship with our self-image. Fashion should be flexible and reflect personal taste.

But global chains are trying to reduce risk by selling the same carefully packaged trends. These trends “are repeated on the racks of virtually every retailer, making our store-bought looks feel homogenous and generic,” Cline writes.

Cline says that clothes could have more meaning and last longer if we think less about owning the latest or cheapest thing and develop more of a relationship with the things we wear.

Though it may sound shallow, we are what we wear. Cline suggests that we build a wardrobe over time. We should pay attention to quality. She says: “Obsessing over the perfect hem, luxuriating in fabrics, and patching up our clothes have become old-fashioned habits.

“But they’re also satisfying antidotes to the empty uniformity of cheap. If more of us picked up the lost art of sewing or reconnected with the tailors, we could all be our own fashion designers and constantly reinvent, personalize, and perfect the things we own.”

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Brief: One of the latest creations to come out of elite fashion school Central St Martins in London is right up the singer’s street. The dress has been crafted out of 795 caligraphy pen nibs – and they are all connected to small motors that make them vibrate just like Lady Gaga’s “breathing” dress did. Lady Gaga’s designer had better watch his back.

A British student make a fashion design challenge with pen dress to Lady Gaga – and Lady Gaga’s designer had better watch his back. One of the latest creations to come out of elite fashion school Central St Martins in London is right up the singer’s street. The dress has been crafted out of 795 caligraphy pen nibs – and they are all connected to small motors that make them vibrate just like Lady Gaga’s “breathing” dress did.

Student fashion: The dress has been crafted out of 795 caligraphy pen nibs – and they are all connected to small motors that make them vibrate The Pen Nib Dress is a cream A-line number with a rectangular panel covered in metal nibs on the front of the gown. It was designed and made by creative technologist John Nussey and Central St. Martins Womenswear student Steven Tai for his final degree show.

Speaking to Wired.co.uk, Nussey said that the final result was achieved through a lot of trial and error: “We looked at a number of different ways to make the pen nibs move and how to wire up that number of nibs “S.teven had strong ideas as to how many he wanted, and we had to get enough of the nibs to make an impact.

“It was finding a balance between the technical possibilities and the creative idea.” They eventually settled for the same motors that make mobile phones vibrate because they are cheap and don’t require very much power. Rows of metal pen nibs were then linked together with a switch for every different row which meant that they could all be activated separately. Moving one row as a time gives the panel on the front of the dress a beautiful shimmering effect. The speed and pattern of movement can be changed to create a range of different effects.

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